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 My book-Intro

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PostSubject: My book-Intro   Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:21 pm

Hi i'm Lizzi, I live in New York, New York with my best friend Ginger.We'll let nothing come in between us. I totally have a crush on this bot named Chase. He's super cute and nice, But he's taken. By Sara, The most popular girl in school. If i go out with him i will be in deep trouble by her friends Lexi and Kim. Mix being a superhero into that mix and we have a major problem that no one can find out. Luckily, Ginger is too. Also what makes it worse is that Sara was a Brooklyn cheerleade.It's difficult hiding it from Chase,Mac or any of the boys. But i'll do what ever it's takes to fight for my country. Okay let me highlight this for you, Ginger goes with Mac, Chase go with me, Kim go with Luke, Tony is obsessed with me, Chase hate Tony, I hate Sara, and Me Ginger Kim Sophie and Jada are superheros.c: Happy you see it my way.Even though all this drama can really give someone a headace, It makes life more fun.
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My book-Intro
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